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Fall Race Rundown: October 7/8

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

It's just the beginning of October and we are off to an epic start to the fall racing season. The SRC crew has been hard at work spreading peace, love and PB's on the trails and roads.

This last weekend we saw our runners tackle the Chicago Marathon + Abbott Chicago 5k, the Royal Victoria Marathon, and the Canmore Grizzly 50k + Relay.

Across the board, our runners experienced some of the best race conditions we could ask for. Chicago produced a flier of a day where we saw quite a few of our runners take down PB's. Both Grizzly + Victoria set up quite nicely as well.

A very special shout-out to Kat Kindrat for capturing the women's DUBB last weekend at 5-Peaks Devon Grit. We'd also like to congratulate Michele Langer and Telera Renz on their 5k finishes at the Calgary Police Half and Natasha Newman on her hard-fought half marathon PB!

The results and photos are below!


Chicago Marathon

Jeff Shikaze - 2:48:42 - New PB

Lauren Barr - 2:49:39 - New PB

Anne Chang - 3:19:32 - New PB

Nicole Yuen - 5:54:49 - New PB

Sai Ajerla - 4:54:P40 - First Marthon

Ericka Dirkmaat - 4:10:20

Jocelyn Fredine - 4:07:43

Nicole Latham - 3:58:47

Petra Graen - 3:18:27

Maureen MacSween - 4:29:59

Amber Arnold - 3:56:50

Charlotte Montero - 3:47:31

Sarah Carroll - 5:14:04

Abbott Chicago 5k

Rachel Nadler - 22:12 - New PB

Lynsey Romano - 18:21 - Womens Top 10

Kevin Hansen - 23:26

Royal Victoria Marathon:

Hernani Caetano - 3:04:09 - strongest marathon build to date

Jenna Prest - 4:44:31 - worked through a tough day

Michelle Mann - 3:47:14

Royal Victoria Half:

Christy Wagner - 1:57:34

Peggy Lai - 1:36:13

Molly Tonken - 1:50:11

Daniella San Martin - Feeny - 1:55:42

Canmore Grizzly Ultra (50k/two person team + relay):

Maxine Myre - Solo - 6:20:19

Calvin Chan: team relay

Kat Day: two-person team

Stephanie Dunn: two-person team

Kirsten Hooper: two-person team

Bhreaugh Castellani - team relay

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