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Runner Testimonials

The feedback we receive from the athletes that we coach is our most valuable measure of success as an organization. Below you can learn more about SRC through the eyes of the wonderful individuals we coach.


Coach Lynsey is knowledgeable, supportive and has a great sense of humor! She takes every runner and every race seriously. Even if it's a 4th of July community 5K! As a very non-elite runner I appreciate this.

Kevin Hansen (coached by Lynsey Romano)

Coach Leanne has been amazing. I wanted to return to running after my 2nd baby and I didn’t want to repeat the mistakes I had made the first time around. I love having a coach who understands what it means to be a postpartum runner AND a runner with small children. Being able to fit running back into my life in a way that keeps me strong, injury free, and accountable has been invaluable to my overall physical and mental health. I am forever grateful.

Carina Anderson (coached by Leanne Klassen)

I've been training with Leanne and have nothing but wonderful things to say about her and Skyline Running. Leanne is positive, caring, smart and listens to the athlete. She looks at the long-term development of the athlete while focusing on short-term goals and the process, which is fun and challenging. I trust her training plan and don't have to think about what I should do, I look forward to workouts now! Skyline Running has been a great fit for me, the extra notes on the calendar explaining different types of workouts is really helpful and informative as well. I can't recommend Leanne and the team enough!

Jenn Andrews (coached by Leanne Klassen)

For years, I wondered whether hiring a coach would make a difference in my running. I often followed programs offered by the races I signed up for and then personalized them. Although I had success with this, I reached a point where my performance plateaued and that's when I knew change was needed. That change came in the form of Coach Leanne. We worked together to set realistic but challenging goals which helped me achieve a huge accomplishment of running a sub 3:30 marathon. I feel such a positive shift with my running and am determined to achieve bigger goals so I've added the strength training expertise of Coach Lynsey to compliment my running program. Coaches Leanne and Lynsey do a fabulous job of pairing the runs and the strength to ensure my workouts are balanced and keep me on track for success. Skyline Run Coaching is amazing and my only regret is not joining sooner.

Anne Chang (coached by Leanne Klassen)

I love coach Brenda! She is always accessible through email and I love our monthly check ins. Brenda listens and adjusts my training as needed for my busy schedule. She is also super inspirational with all the races that she does and is always so encouraging. Thanks so much!!

Jessica Mah (coached by Brenda Dryer)

For the past several years, I've been lying to myself that I don't need a coach because I AM a coach. And while this may be *technically* true, I thrive way more as an athlete when I'm working with a caring and qualified coach. Even though I've only done two months of base building with Coach Lynsey, I already feel like my running is back on track. Not only does she challenge me in all the best ways, she has my best interests at heart and is on my team. She listens with compassion. She's there to celebrate the highs and troubleshoot the lows. And as a runner, mother and business owner herself, I feel as though she truly gets me on all levels. I can't recommend Coach Lynsey highly enough.

Carolyn Coffin (coached by Lynsey Romano)

The Skyline Training Program was just what I needed to set a challenging goal for myself. In 2021, with the excellent guidance of Coach Leanne, I achieved my stretch target time for the half marathon. Either in the leadup or building upon my increased fitness since, I also set PB's in a handful of other distances. All more than two decades past my first endurance running days in high school!

Ryan Goldenberg (coached by Leanne Klassen)

I cannot say enough good things about Skyline Run Coaching and Coach Lynsey. Choosing to use Skyline Run Coaching as I trained for my first marathon was the best decision I could have made. Coach Lynsey provided me with a clear, personalized, and easy to follow training plan. Most importantly, she was always available to listen to any questions or concerns I had and always quickly provided an answer with helpful solutions. Lynsey understands that life can become complicated and busy and she was always willing to modify my training plan to accommodate challenges that arose. Lynsey’s coaching goes beyond just providing a training plan, she consistently ensured I had all the support I needed to feel comfortable and reach my goals. This included strength training, advice about shoes, help with stretching and injuries, and recommendations for additional resources. Further, Lynsey helped me to work on my hydration and fueling strategy, my confidence, and my running form so that I was completely prepared on race day. Lynsey’s coaching, support, and encouragement is amazing and I would highly recommend working with her!

Sophie Mansfield (coached by Lynsey Romano)

Lynsey is very supportive and reasonable in her expectations as a coach. She provides progressively more challenging runs that improve my running ability without risking injury. She understands the need to revise, reschedule, or drop runs that can’t be completed as planned for environmental or personal reasons. She recognizes run coaching is a collaborative endeavour between the runner and the coach, and seeks feedback and suggestions from runners to improve the running experience and training program.

Stephan Girard (coached by Lynsey Romano)

I started working with Leanne in November 2020 + since then I have hit goals I truly never imagined were possible. I can say so many incredible things about this team but most importantly for me, Leanne allowed me to truly see my full potential and create a program and training schedule that worked for my life. I am a working mom of 2 and as much as I wanted to get back into racing after my 2nd child, I also had other commitments in my life to work around. We worked together to make it work, so training was enjoyable and achievable for my life. My goal was to break 1:30:00 in the 1/2 marathon and I have since ran a PB of 1:26:00 and now I have bigger and faster goals in this distance. I shared with her that I wanted to run a marathon around 3:15 as my last one before kids was a 3:32. This past December I ran a 3:00:57 marathon, which truly blew my mind! But the best thing is, that hitting these goals gets me so excited! Its a team and culture that you don't just run one race and pack it in, you are excited to continue and make it a life long sport! I know my running has truly just began and I can't wait to see what else I can accomplish with this team behind me! I have found the biggest factor for me is simply gaining knowledge! Understanding the importance of strength, nutrition and why I am doing certain workouts and taking rest days! All of this knowledge has led me to trust the process, create time + space to achieve my goals!

Jill Galarneau (coached by Leanne Klassen)

Working with Lynsey & the Skyline Run Coaching team is everything you need & want in a great coach. By offering a highly personalized approach and unconditional support, I have learned what healthy and happy training feels like. Lynsey cares about my success, instills confidence and has taught me how to find the highs with the lows. Her knowledge and passion for running and her athletes shines, and will be your loudest, biggest fans!

Lauren MacDonald (coached by Lynsey Romano)

When I had to stop running due to an injury that required surgery, I started working with Lynsey to do running-specific strength training to “pre-hab” my hip. The workouts were perfectly aligned with what I needed to accomplish, and having a coach kept me accountable for putting in the work and making progress. I have no doubt that the program she provided helped set me up to succeed in my post-op physical therapy. Now that I’m getting back to running, I can’t wait to see the benefits pay off on the trails as well!

Jason Stroud (coached by Lynsey Romano)

I have almost been working with Lynsey for a year now. I cannot even put into words how exceptional my experience has been. I reached out to Lynsey because I had big (optimistic) goals of running a sub 90 half this last spring at the Calgary marathon. Not only was I able to crush my goal (and feel conservative in doing it), I now realize that this is just the beginning. Lynsey has given me the confidence and push I needed. Working with a coach has given me guidance, accountability and honestly a friend and outlet. Finding my rhythm in running has not only helped me meet goals physically and in the racing world, but has been the mental outlet I have needed through the past few years. I cannot thank this wonderful team enough!

Jen Scarff (coached by Lynsey Romano)

After a few years of large-group and solo training plans, I decided to hire a coach to prevent a performance stagnation. I came across Lynsey online and was instantly intrigued by her evidence-based coaching approach. I listened to her as a guest on the Women Run Canada podcast and appreciated her continual pursuit to learn, grow, and become a better coach. From our first conversation, I knew Lynsey was the coach for me. She took the time to learn my history with not just running but sports in general. We discussed periodizing my pre-and-post run routines and strength training. Something that is far too often overlooked by runners. My first year of running under Lynsey’s watchful eye was filled with PRs that exceeded my expectations. The training plans she develops are always well thought out for my goals and thoroughly explained. Heading into a new year, I am more confident in my abilities and look forward to more running triumphs with Lynsey’s guidance.

Eric Bradach (coached by Lynsey Romano)

I ❤️ running! One of my goals is to continue running past 100 years old. I am right on track with Coach Lynsey. I have never felt healthier in my entire life and I can't wait to crush my spring race. A heartfelt thank you to Coach Lynsey for her thoughtful training and strength programs and for providing me balance and guidance every step of the way! ~ Christy

Christy Wagner (coached by Lynsey Romano)

I started working with Lynsey this last sept after a second bout of covid and total burn out. When looking for a coach I look for; somebody that can I can relate to(being a mother and female), a coach that has the right certifications, a coach that is easily accessible, somebody that has experience, but mostly somebody to hold me accountable. What I got was that and more! Lynsey listens, she often reminds me to slow down and to not push myself past my limits. She is a coach that promotes me being healthy not only mentally but Physically as well. Lynsey, often writes out my plan and asks me to look it over and encourages me to have my own “voice,” in the plan just in case. The plans have been awesome and challenging yet at the same time I don’t feel like I’m racing each work out, which prior to Lynsey was one of the causes of my burn out. Her work outs have me excited to run again, and eager for change!

Aja Mosley (coached by Lynsey Romano) 

I found Lynsey because I was looking for a coach who could also help me with a more personalized strength training program. When I signed up with her I was injured and knew that this would be a key part of my recovery. She has helped me make a solid return to running and navigate the many bumps along the way. She writes training that is based in science but also has a heart for the softer, "real life" art of running. I have learned alot more about both, as well as how to integrate them, in the year we have been working together. I feel like a much more mature runner and athlete now vs then, which is definitely a credit to her coaching.

Kim Girard (coached by Lynsey Romano)

I just started working with Leanne back in October after wanting a coach for years, and it was the best decision I made this year! She's incredibly kind, understanding and always motivating me to reach my running goals (not to mention, inspiring). After a recent injury that set me back in my racing plan, she consistently worked with me to adapt my schedule in a way that was safe and sustainable for my upcoming race + beyond. From recommending a wonderful physiotherapist to being available for a quick call, I felt supported every step of the way. I'm very thankful to be a part of the welcoming community of athletes and coaches at Skyline. Thank you, Leanne and team!

Lily Harris (coached by Leanne Klassen)

I feel so fortunate to have come across Skyline Run Coaching’s Instagram account in the summer of 2021. I was truly impressed with their knowledge on running AND great references to back-up their posts. I had been considering a running coach but didn’t have a good idea of what differentiated one coach from the other, until I connected with Skyline Run Coaching. Lynsey’s passion about coaching was evident from our first conversation. She asked thoughtful questions about my personal goals and provided a lot of detail about Skyline Run Coaching. It was great to see she was so organized!! Having Lynsey as a running coach has exceeded my expectations. It has been so awesome to have the support from someone with so much knowledge and such positive energy. She is so responsive to answering questions and incorporating any extra exercises to mitigate risk of injury. Her attention to detail is outstanding! I have loved that my running and strength training have been consistent in my life while staying injury-free. I am so happy that I can trust Lynsey with the decision-making on this running journey and look forward to what lies ahead. Thank you so much Lynsey!

Cheryl Claridge (coached by Lynsey Romano)

As we navigate through life we travel many different paths and on those paths we believe different truths. I have been in the fitness industry for 10+ years learning & teaching various aspects of a fit and healthy way of life. I’d like to say that I thought that I had an abundance of knowledge and required little to no help with my training. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I was trapped inside my own head , limited by only the experience I had personally been through. This didn’t leave much room for advancement. Here starts my story:
One day at the gym, I found myself running beside an individual I secretly had been keeping my eye on for going on a month. I admired her physique, her running form, her outstanding speed, and her ability to pull it all off gracefully. I kept repeating to myself I wish I could do that but I’ve tried everything and I still struggle. Something sparked and I said to myself “self why don’t you ask for help” It was that day that I decided to take a chance and hire a her as my running coach.
What a fantastic choice it was indeed.
Lynsey took the time to review my running history to get an idea of where I was coming from. She also took into account my other fitness training goals and has built me a program that accommodates both my love for weight lifting and my future goals for running. In just two short months of following her teachings I have achieved personal bests on 2 occasions. I feel strong and am proud of the achievements I have been making.
Lynsey is empathetic, encouraging, she sets realistic goals with you, and always leans on the side of caution when it comes to injury prevention.
So Thank you 100x over again for working with me, I have not only grown physically but I have realized you should always be open to absorbing the knowledge of others.
YOU ROCK COACH LYNSEY I look forward to our continued relationship and the many challenges you throw my way.

Tamera Kezar (coached by Lynsey Romano)

Lynsey is a dedicated and amazing personal trainer! She pushes you just enough to get awesome results, great client/coach relationship, and is the best trainer I've had yet!!

Amanda Coutts (coached by Lynsey Romano)

I met Lynsey through a mutual friend. That first message to her was best text message I have EVER sent! Sadly and as embarrassing as it was, I had little to no experience with exercise and  working out. I wanted to lose weight, I wanted to start on health journey, and I wanted to finally feel good. And I found the right person, when I found Lynsey. I started at the very bottom with Lynsey as my personal trainer - no experience, no idea where or how to start, and no energy.  She understands me, she respects me and she teaches me. She is one of the most passionate people I know and sharing her wealth of knowledge and her love of exercise and running comes so naturally for her.  She is a very patient coach (I may complain a lot lol) who takes the time to make sure that I understand and complete training in a safe and healthy manner to prevent injuries. Lynsey is tremendously encouraging and challenges me in such appropriate ways and she knows exactly when I need to be pushed and challenged. 
Since meeting Lynsey and getting on board with her personal training program and finding a healthier me, I have also found my self confidence again, as well as a new found love of exercise and a true friend and confidante. Thank you Lynsey for all of your encouragement, support and for helping me to believe in myself and accomplish all of the things that I have, since starting my training with you. So much respect and love.

Tanya Bott (coached by Lynsey Romano)

I can’t express enough how happy and worth it it was to have Lynsey as a Running Coach. For all you advanced runners out there (and any stage runner), having Lynsey as your coach will be one of the best decisions you will make. After many years of Running/Marathoning/Training myself and other people to run, I was bored and not getting the results I wanted. I hadn’t run a PR in years and couldn’t break out of my rut. So I contacted Lyns and asked her to make me a program for an upcoming Half marathon, I was aiming to PR. Lyns was so thorough with asking about my goals, my schedule, my preferences of days to run, my previous injuries etc. She accommodated EVERYTHING, working around my full time work schedule, and my love of strength training. She also suggested days that could be swapped if my schedule made me miss a run. I received my monthly schedules well in advance at the start of every month so I could plan both mentally and physically for my runs. I have to admit some of the runs she planned were daunting, difficult and I thought a little crazy, but I trusted my coach and the process. Lyns even went out of her way while she was on vacation to help me switch up a long run that I knew I was going to miss, so I could still get it done that week. She was always available if I had any questions or concerns and would reply very quickly. During the last couple weeks for taper, Lyns firmly encouraged me “No Strength Training”, at first I thought, no way, I can’t go 2 weeks without strength training, but she explained to me why it was so important for reaching my race goal. So again, I trusted my coach, and I’m so glad I did. After 14 weeks of training, with some hard runs, and many early runs (like 3:30am) before work, I felt the most confident going to my race than I had in years. I ran the 2nd fastest half marathon I have ever ran, and felt great the whole race…..and in the Masters age category, it felt awesome to fly past women half my age….Thanks Lyns! 😊 So no matter what age, skill level, shape you’re in, contact this amazing lady, you won’t regret it.

Anj Krip (coached by Lynsey Romano)

No, seriously, she did. Lyns' energy is amazing. She's super knowledgeable and answers ALL my questions. I've learned so much about running. She's taking me from the couch to a ten kilometre run in a way where I can't help but succeed.

Sarah Burns (coached by Lynsey Romano)

This woman is so wonderful, I really don't have enough words to say what an amazing trainer and friend she is, so you should absolutely find out for yourself.

Jordi Stewart (coached by Lynsey Romano)

I hired Lyns as a running coach to help me train for a race and help build a solid running base to support my other fitness goals. She developed a running, mobility and strength plan for me that is available through online apps and I can check off each day as I work my way through the it. The schedule allows me to still do my other weight training while drastically improving my running. The technology she uses is easy to use. I’ve had a few nagging injuries pop up and she’s developed a plan to help me strengthen and heal in a safe manner.  She is very responsive to inquiries.  I highly recommend Skyline Endurance for everyone looking to run faster and farther from beginners to long term runners.

Ngaio Baril (coached by Lynsey Romano)

I have never been good at running, even as a child. I truly thought I was just incapable of being a runner, until I tried the couch to 5K program. Now I run at least 5k, 3 days a week and I enjoy it! The program starts off slowly for those who are beginners, like I was. It was a realistic timeline, with an amazing coach to help along the way! Since I have started running, I feel healthier and happier in my everyday life. I am now working on more advance running, which is crazy to hear myself say!! I can't thank Lyns enough for all the help and knowledge she has given me over the last few years. Couch to 5k was the lifestyle change that I needed!

Melissa Cartier (coached by Lynsey Romano)

Working with Lynsey was the best decision I ever made to improve my running. Every week she provides workouts that are challenging, fun and result in regular improvement. From the beginner runner to the serious ultra runner I highly recommend her as she will get you to next level. Thank you Lynsey you have encouraged me to do things I never thought I was capable of and you supported me all the way.

Francesca Apruzzese (coached by Lynsey Romano)

When I first signed up with Lynsey I had been running and racing for about 6 years. Although I got out there every year I was not seeing any improvement in my running. I was a back of the pack runner with inconsistent training and chronic nagging injuries. With Lynsey and a consistent structured training schedule I went from a 60min 10km to a current Personal Best of 48min and a 1:46 half marathon! But the biggest win for me was keeping it pain/injury free! I enjoyed the accountability and flexibility of one on one coaching and know that I have gained tools and knowledge that have forever changed my running. Thanks Lynsey!

Chantel Rivard (coached by Lynsey Romano)

From that very first day you tie up your running shoes and start those beginning miles there is always so many questions, even after years of running. Having a coach that listens to your questions, takes time to understand you as a runner and taps into your potential is a an enormous gift. Lynsey shares her whole heart in her passion for running and its truly contagious and has taken me to new levels and amazing adventures. 

Thank you Lynsey, for seeing the potential and helping me continue to achieve my goals.

Somerlee Bennett (coached by Lynsey Romano)

I reached out to Lynsey through her Instagram page, I was lost since I was fairly new to running and wanted to run a marathon. From day one she's been amazing!!! My primary concern when choosing a coach was to have a science-based and approachable one, she has more than surpassed my expectations. 

I had lost all my core strength due to pregnancy, and she has helped me rebuilt it step by step, she's always there to answer my questions (and I have had a lot!) And so open to my constant change of schedule due to being a mum. 

I'm extremely thankful that she's my coach, she's been there for me not only for the sport aspect, but also has been a good emotional support, and as a new mum I can't express just how important is everything she's done for me.

Since we don't live in the same country, my whole experience has been online, but she makes sure that I feel totally supported as if we lived in the same city.

Maria Vila (coached by Lynsey Romano)

Getting Lynsey as my coach was very exciting! I loved the consistency and looked forward to every week of fun but challenging runs. Unfortunately even under knowledgeable coaching I ended up with an odd injury. Lynsey has been very encouraging and helpful, offering assessments and prescribing corrective exercises to help in my recovery. I would definitely recommend Lynsey as a coach.

Laura Howard (coached by Lynsey Romano)

A year ago I was not a runner.  I was 61 years old, a cancer survivor and I knew the importance of being physically fit. Although, I liked to take long brisk walks I had never considered running. Enter my fabulous running coach, Lynsey Romano. Lynsey had more confidence in my ability than I did. I told her I wasn’t built for running, I was too old to start, and I just didn’t think I could do it.  Lynsey didn’t buy any of those excuses.
Lynsey started me slow with a program that was doable for me.  She sent me my weekly plan and an email everyday with my program. I stuck to the program and faithfully followed the plan, even when I thought I wasn’t sure I can do it.  Lynsey was always sure I could. Lynsey pushed me slowly to go greater distances and increase my speed.   With Lynsey’s encouragement and well-tailored plan I was able to follow the program and achieve new goals. 
Lynsey is a incredibly accomplished runner herself and an extremely knowledgeable coach. Her ability to design a program that works for each individual and motivate them to be better and trust in the program and in oneself is remarkable.   She coached a 60+ year old non-runner and turn her into a runner. WOW, that’s impressive!! I ran 2 races this spring and placed 1Stin my age group in the first 5 km race and 3rdplace in my age group in my second 5 km. 
A number of months back Lynsey designed a strength training program to add to my running. She sang the praises about how it improves your running speed.  When I finally got myself to try the program, the 4 week plan was in its last week so I gave it a shot and found I actually liked it.  When it ran out and a new strength training program was sent, I had to tell Lynsey it was too hard and I also had to admit that it was because I never did the first program. She said that’s alright you just weren’t ready then but you are now.  So she put me back on the first program and I faithfully follow the program….and I like it and I’m getting better at it.  
Thanks Lynsey for all you do for me!

Karin Boldt (coached by Lynsey Romano)

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