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Run Coaching Services

Run your best with the guidance and support of a professional coach

Most injuries and training plateaus come from training errors - too much, too soon, too fast. Run coaching takes the guesswork out of your training to help you reach your peak performance with an eye on long-term athletic development. Whether you are a new runner looking to run your first race or an experienced athlete looking to step up your game, let’s talk!

What makes SRC different? 

We are a collective of professional coaches on a mission to raise the bar for remote + in-person run coaching.  We believe in keeping coaching accessible while also providing a high-touch coaching experience.

Communication, genuine care for each athlete we work with, and an environment of belonging and support are at the core of what we do.

If you're interested in learning about who we are and what we do please fill out the Get Started Form to book a free discovery call!

Coaching options are outlined below. All plans have a $100 one-time onboarding fee.

Basic Coaching
$160 CDN/month + tax


  • Start-up call + in-depth analysis of training history

  • An expertly designed, periodized training plan provided by a professional coach and tailored to your unique needs

  • Workout analysis, schedule adjustments + regular follow-up from your coach

  • Ongoing email communication

  • Pre and post-run routines + clearly explained directions on each running workout

  • Group practices for YYC athletes

  • Pre-race planning call for your priority races

  • Fueling guide and intra-run + race day nutrition planning

  • Basic strength routines with the option to add on a comprehensive monthly strength plan)

  • Access to the Skyline Run Coaching athletes community on Slack

Premium Coaching
$180 CDN/month + tax

Premium coaching is an enhanced communication package that includes all the perks of BASIC COACHING + a 60minute 1:1 video call each month. 

This is an ideal option for those who feel as if they'd benefit from more face time with their coach. 

$260 CDN/month + tax

on a 3-month commitment 


• Start-up call + in-depth analysis of training history​

• Tailored exercises that complement your existing rehabilitation plan.

• Gradual progression of activities to safely reintegrate running into your routine.

• Regular check-ins to monitor your recovery and adapt the program as needed.

• Ongoing and unlimited email communication

• Strategic, safe, and logical progression through your return-to-running journey.

• Adaptations to your training schedule based on feedback regarding injury and discomfort.

• Utilization of various cross-training methods to support recovery without risking further injury.

• Group practices for YYC athletes

• Access to the Skyline Run Coaching athletes community on Slack.

  • I'm not located in YYC, can I still participate?
    You bet! Runners from anywhere in the world can join this cohort. The only difference for participants outside Calgary will be that they do not take part in our in-person group training.
  • Where and when are your group practices?
    During the winter we practice bi-weekly at the Mount Royal College indoor track. Practices are held Thursday evenings at 7pm. In April we move our practices outdoors to Riley Park. These practices are held Tuesday evenings at 6pm.
  • What is your refund policy?
    Running is a high-impact sport and we acknowledge that injuries can happen. As professional running coaches working within our scope of practice is essential. This means that in the event of a suspected injury we will urge you to seek guidance from a medical professional to determine the appropriate next steps and when you can safely return to running. Please note that if you withdraw from the program past the halfway point a refund cannot be provided. If something disrupts your training before the halfway point of the program you will be offered free signup for a future group program.

We are committed to levelling the playing field.

Creating equitable opportunities for everyone is important to us and for that reason are humbled to put it out there that we have athlete spots with flexible and affordable monthly fees for runners that otherwise would not be able to access professional run coaching. 

With an understanding that systemic barriers exist in our sport offering affordable options is a small first step in dismantling a system where financial resources dictate the availability of opportunity. 

If you’re interested in run coaching and find yourself limited by income barriers, please send me an email. If we're a good fit as a coach-athlete team, I will take steps to make it work for us. 

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