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Coach Anne Chang

Anne started running in her teens to literally see how far she could go.  Gradually her distance became longer and her pace became faster.  Along the way, running sparked Anne’s interest in Kinesiology and she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology.  She worked in the corporate fitness industry for a number of years before changing careers to become a Registered Nurse.  Despite leaving the fitness world, Anne’s love for running remained the same.  So much so that her 5k & 10k distances progressed to half and full marathons.Anne believes running is a connection to community, a source of inspiration, and a reminder that possibilities are endless.  Anne’s current goal is to run the six World Marathon Majors and has ran in Berlin (2022), Boston (2020, 2022, 2023), Chicago (2019, 2023), London (2023), & New York City (2022).  Anne is patiently waiting to complete her six star journey with the Tokyo Marathon.


Personal Best Performances

Half Marathon 1:39:42

Q+A with Anne

Coaching Philosophy

Running needs to fit into life which can be tricky because life can get really busy.  That’s why Anne feels it’s so important to take the time to understand her athlete’s outside the context of their running.  Anne realizes many factors can impact training and believes success will come when goals are attainable, training is specific, and plans are flexible

Favourite Running Mantra?

Always look for the wins, they’re there!

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