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Coach Lynsey Romano

Lynsey Romano is the founder of Skyline Run Coaching which began as a small grassroots organization in 2018. 

Lynsey began running in 2012, having never ran or raced before. The last 11 years have taken her from 5 -10k's to the Boston Marathon.

She's an NCCP Trained Club Coach,  RRCA running coach, Training Peaks certified coach, National Academy of Sports Medicine - Performance Enhancement Specialist, and RunDNA Gait Analyst. More importantly, Lynsey is a student of the sport -  a lifelong learner when it comes to the art & science of coaching distance running.

Her running highlights include winning the Calgary Half Marathon in 2019 and placing 3rd at the Edmonton Marathon in 2018. 


Personal Best Performances

5k 17:56
10k  36:57
Half Marathon 1:18:28
Marathon 2:59:21

Q+A with Lynsey

Best Coaching Advice? 

Value consistency over immediate results.   We need to structure training and develop athletes that can continually 'do the training so they can do the training' - stacking together incremental progress to produce big gains over time.

Favourite Running Mantra?

Relax and flow.

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