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Athlete Expectations

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

By choosing to work with Coach Lynsey Romano, athletes must understand and agree to the following expectations. These expectations are in place in order to build a strong relationship that favours long term athletic development.

  1. Listen. Your schedule is laid out with an abundance of care and consideration. Rest days are in your schedule for a reason, as are easy days and workouts. Prescribed paces are in place to optimize rest:stress and to help you get the most out of your training. Needing to change a training schedule is natural and happens all the time - communicate with me and I’ll happily make the adjustments based on important factors like how you are feeling and other lifestyle related factors like busy days and appointments. Disregarding or modifying the schedule isn’t helpful because it has a ripple effect on the days and weeks that follow.

  2. Be Honest. As a virtual coach I require your upmost honestly when it comes to how you feel and how you are responding to the training. You don’t need to impress me by overreaching, nor will you disappoint me if you need to scrap a workout halfway through because you don’t feel well. You need to let me know if you don’t feel well, and report things like aches and pains immediately so I have the opportunity to respond and intervene before they become a bigger issue.

  3. Do not train if you are sick or injured. Never push through a session or a movement that doesn't feel right - you have nothing to gain. Simply put, if it hurts or if you feel "off", do not continue. Yes, you will be asked to rest, see a doctor/physio/medical professional or modify your workload in favour of honouring long term athletic development.

  4. Engage. If you have questions or require clarification, ask before you do the planned training session! Review your training sessions at least 24-hours in advance. Post-session please provide me with feedback such as RPE and how you felt. I rely heavily on your perceptions and emotional responses to provide context to the training data you upload.

  5. Do the work. As much as I would love to sometimes, I can’t be a substitute for putting in the training hours. I can build you the best training plan, but the enigma of coaching is that the results will not materialize without your dedication to the schedule. My expectation is that you’ll do the work you said you wanted to do.

  6. Keep a current training log. Keep your training log updated and detailed and ensure that your weekly update form in submitted by 6am, Monday . Your TrainingPeaks training log is a vital lifeline of information for me. I cannot and will not make future training decisions without the updated and clear information from your training log.

  7. Virtual training gear. We require that all athletes use TrainingPeaks, BridgeTracker (if you are a strength training athlete) and What’s App/email. I check comments in TrainingPeaks and TheBridge once a day during the week. However, if you have more immediate comments OR questions, communicate with me via email or text/What’s App.

  8. Pay your fees on time. Monthly fees are due upon billing. Athletes are invoiced via PayPal and may fulfill payment either through PayPal or Interac E-transfer.

  9. Review your schedule. Your schedule is updated once a week on either Monday or Tuesday (you will be assigned to a dedicated group). Once your schedule is uploaded your coach will email you. Please take the time to review your entire schedule so that you are able to ask any related questions in advance.

  10. Email and text. Your coach is dedicated to your success and you can expect a reply to your emails within 24-48 hours. If you have an urgent question please text your coach and they will do their best to get back to you as soon as possible. Texts sent after 5pm (MST) and over the weekend may take longer to reply to. Reviewing your training schedule in advance (see 9) can generally ensure that things go smoothly.

  11. Have fun! We are your team and we are here to help you run down your dreams. This is meant to be an enjoyable and supportive experience and the points outlined above all help us to ensure that.


125.99 (CAN) + tax

75.00 (CAN) + tax one time onboarding fee

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