Runner Testimonials

The feedback we receive from the athletes that we coach is our most valuable measure of success as an organization. Below you can learn more about SRC through the eyes of the wonderful individuals we coach.

I started working with Leanne in November 2020 + since then I have hit goals I truly never imagined were possible. I can say so many incredible things about this team but most importantly for me, Leanne allowed me to truly see my full potential and create a program and training schedule that worked for my life. I am a working mom of 2 and as much as I wanted to get back into racing after my 2nd child, I also had other commitments in my life to work around. We worked together to make it work, so training was enjoyable and achievable for my life. My goal was to break 1:30:00 in the 1/2 marathon and I have since ran a PB of 1:26:00 and now I have bigger and faster goals in this distance. I shared with her that I wanted to run a marathon around 3:15 as my last one before kids was a 3:32. This past December I ran a 3:00:57 marathon, which truly blew my mind! But the best thing is, that hitting these goals gets me so excited! Its a team and culture that you don't just run one race and pack it in, you are excited to continue and make it a life long sport! I know my running has truly just began and I can't wait to see what else I can accomplish with this team behind me! I have found the biggest factor for me is simply gaining knowledge! Understanding the importance of strength, nutrition and why I am doing certain workouts and taking rest days! All of this knowledge has led me to trust the process, create time + space to achieve my goals!

Jill Galarneau (coached by Leanne Klassen)