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Fall Race Rundown: October 15th

The Toronto Waterfront Marathon race weekend produced another flier of a day for

those who toed the line. As a Canadian marathon favorite, we were not surprised to see this race be a popular choice for SRC runners. A full rundown of the results is below!

In addition to Toronto, we'd like to extend a very special congratulations to Chelsey Phillips on her 3:06:43 marathon finish at the Long Beach Marathon. Not only did Chelsey snag a marathon PB but she also finished in the top 5 in the womens division.



Ben Jansen - 3:05:43 - Marathon personal best

Omer Jomha - 3:19:52 - Marathon debut

Rebecca Meltzer: 3:21:45 - Marathon personal best

Isaac Hendrix - 3:32:30

Pamela Bockus - 4:06:20 - Marathon personal best

Half Marathon:

Maggie Dunlop: 1:26:13

Jill White: 1:52:03

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