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Our premiere 5K coaching program is for both newcomers and more seasoned runners aiming to elevate their 5K performance. With a holistic approach, we assess your current fitness level to tailor achievable goals, ensuring a personalized roadmap to your next race’s starting line. Whether you're eyeing a local race or one that fits your unique schedule, we provide a curated list of options to align with your timeline. 


Let's learn to run 5k together! 


What’s included?

Coaching participants will receive:

• 8-weeks of customized coaching delivered via the TrainingPeaks platform

• Individual onboarding call with your coach

• Bi-weekly indoor track workouts for YYC runners held at Mount Royal University / Riley Park

• A Slack community where you can connect with other SRC athletes 

• Pre-race support including a race-day plan, individual pre-race call with your coach, and a fuelling guide to help you nail your race-day nutrition

• If you choose to continue on with 1-on-1 coaching after the race weekend we will waive the 100.00 onboarding fee



SRC 5K Coaching

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