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Coach Leanne Klassen

Leanne has not always been a runner but has always been a devoted athlete with a competitive spirit and love for team sports. She played college level basketball and in her third and final season she was an ACAC all-conference, a CCAA all-Canadian and was named SAIT’s female athlete of the year. Her coach that year was Donovan Martin who said of her “Leanne is an inspiration to the others. Totally unselfish, totally dedicated. A coach’s dream.”

After college Leanne started teaching spin classes at Goodlife fitness in Calgary, AB where she continues to teach. After having her second daughter in 2016 she turned to running to stay in shape and very quickly fell in love with the sport. Her passion for running and desire to push the limits has led her to race at an elite level in the marathon and half marathon distance. Team spirit and passion have now brought Leanne to coaching.

“Helping others set and achieve goals they never thought possible makes me so happy! I can promise you; I will be your biggest cheer leader!”

Some of Leanne’s biggest running achievement include winning the 2018 Edmonton Marathon as well as the 2019 Calgary Marathon.

Personal Best Performances

10k  36:07

Half Marathon 1:15:32
Marathon 2:42:53

Q+A with Leanne 

What's your coaching philosophy 

Everyone is different, therefore their training plans should be as well. Getting to know my athletes strengths + weaknesses, as well as knowing them on a personal level is important. Knowing them as a person can be the key to success and finding what works for them in a training environment.
I take a collaborative approach to my coaching. Working together to set realistic but challenging goals. Feedback + input from my athletes is what makes them successful, and makes the overall process enjoyable, which is what is most important.

Best Coaching Advice?

 You do you! Set goals, challenge yourself, and dream BIG! Don't worry about what other people are doing. Find yourself a coach you truly trust, and then trust the process.

I would say my coaching philosophy and advice are very similar because I truly believe running is so individual and what works for one person might not work for another. It's easy to get caught up in how other people are training, or the newest fad, but in the end you and your coach are the only ones that know what works for you.

Favourite Running mantra?

Patience is Power.

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