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Coach Kirsten Suchan

Kirsten’s love for running started from a young age with the tradition of participating in the Manitoba marathon with her dad every year on Father’s Day. In high school, Kirsten competed in ultimate frisbee and hockey which soon switched over to focusing on track and field. In University, she competed for the University of Saskatchewan track team in the middle distances ranging from 200m-800m. During dental school, her favourite distances lengthened to racing half and full marathons. Now working as a dentist, her true passion lies in racing events from the 10km to the full marathon.

Kirsten is a UESCA certified running coach who advocates for fueling the body for longevity in the sport. She is passionate about helping others create a positive headspace while running to provide self-motivation during races.


Her running highlights include breaking 3hrs in the full marathon at the Boston Marathon, placing 2nd in the Calgary Full Marathon in 2022, and 3rd in the Calgary 10km in 2023.

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Personal Best Performances

10k 39:00
Half Marathon 1:21:40
Marathon 2:59:12

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