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Coach Brenda Dryer

Brenda has been a runner for more time than she has not! She began as a track athlete in junior high and high school and then moved into cross-country in her college years. After spending a number of years running 5kms, 10kms, half-marathons, and marathons she has found a new passion in recent years in the ultrarunning world. In the last 6 years, Brenda has tackled four 100-milers which includes a 1st place finish at Lost Soul Ultra in 2019, four 100kms which includes two 1st place finishes in 2018 & 2020, three 50 milers including a 1st place finish in 2021, five 50kms, a 12hr race, a 24hr race which included a 2nd place finish in 2020, a 48-hour race which included a 3rd place finish in 2022, and a 6-day race. These are in addition to the 40 half-marathons and 20 marathons she ran before moving into trail running in 2017.  

Coach Brenda is really dialed into what it takes to train as an endurance athlete while balancing the other essential parts of life such as family and career. As a Mom to three, she really understands the juggling act that often occurs to fit it all in. Brenda is a UESCA Certified Ultrarunning Coach and an NCCP Trained Endurance Club Coach. She is also currently adding to her coaching knowledge with the UESCA Endurance Sports Nutrition Certification and RunDNA Gait Analyst.


Race Experience & Running Highlights

​​• Half Marathons x 40

• Marathons x 20 (including Boston & NYC)

• 50Km x 5

• 50 Mile x 3 (1st place in 2021)

•100km x 5 (1st place in 2018 & 2020, 2nd place in 2017, 3rd place in 2022)

•100 Mile x 4 (1st place in 2019)

-• 12 hr race x 1 (PB - 102km)

• 24 hr race x 1 (PB 169km) - 2nd place in 2022

• 48 hr race x 1 (PB 247km) - 3rd place in 2022

• 6-day race x 1 (PB 454km)

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Q+A with Brenda

Best Coaching Advice? 

Stay away from the headlines! There are no quick and easy fixes for you to reach your highest potential in running yet you don’t have to look very far to find a zillion articles listing the 3 simple steps to running your fastest race. Progress takes time and proper structure. Shop around and find a coach you are comfortable with and then prepare yourself to put in some time developing and building on where you are currently at. There’s no better feeling than experiencing all the pieces fall into place.

What is your Coaching Philosophy?

I believe that running can transform your life in so many different ways and I love that I get to help others find the balance in their own busy lives to make this transformation happen. I firmly believe that there is room for every level of athlete in running whether it be at a 5km road race, a 100-mile mountain ultramarathon, and everything in between! I coach athletes of all ages and abilities – from newbies to podium finishers; you all have a goal and it is my job to help push you to reach it. My approach to coaching is very individualized as training must fit into your life rather than your life fitting in with your training schedule.     

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