Coach Brenda Dryer

Brenda has been a runner for more time than she has not! She began as a track athlete in junior high and high school and then moved into cross-country in her college years. After spending a number of years running 5kms, 10kms, half-marathons, and marathons she has found a new passion in recent years in the ultrarunning world. In the last 3 years, Brenda has tackled five 100-milers which include a first place female finish at Lost Soul in 2019, four 100kms, three 50milers, three 50kms, and a 6-day race. These are in addition to the 40 half-marathons and 20 marathons she ran before moving into trail running. 

Coach Brenda is really dialed into what it takes to train as an endurance athlete while balancing the other important parts of life such as family and career. As a Mom to three, she really understands the juggling act that often occurs to fit it all in. Brenda is excited to put her ultrarunning coach certification to good use and help other athletes achieve their running goals.


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