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Keeping Paces August 3 - 16

You keep within yourself and you'll keep improving…" Arthur Lydiard

Two weeks of training to recap this week - #notablogger

I've loved moving my training log over to my actual blog, and stepping away from Strava and social media when it comes to posting my run stats. I know this isn't right for everyone - nothing ever is - but it has worked like a hot damn for me.

As per the Lydiard quote above - this is how I can best run within myself.

To stay within oneself is a concept that I was able to trace back to baseball. Go figure. It speaks to having the honesty and self discipline to know what you can and cannot do and to then trust your own abilities. This is easier said than run!

Based on my own experience, it is when I stop working from within myself that I start to get into trouble.

Of all of the things I have learned this spring/summer, working within myself is at the top of my list.

For the week of the August 3rd, I was on a down week. I take a down week every 4th week where I will recall my mileage by 20-30% and cap my long run at 90 mins. I love these down weeks and I feel strongly that they are an important part of the training equation.

I keep in some intensity - a fartlek and flat sprints for this week - but the overall volume of fast running is also reduced.

For the week of the 10th, it was back to business, starting with specific endurance intervals in the form of 4 x 1mi @ 10km pace. An honest 10km pace for me right now is around a 5:55 min/mile. This means finishing with gas in the tank and holding back. THIS is where I've previously failed to run within myself and blasted these efforts.

Nothing much else to report other than a moderate progression and a smooth 18 mile long run.

Wishing you all a great week of running!


Coach Lynsey

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