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Keeping Paces August 17 - 23

Another week of summer training done and dusted.

This week I had a monster of a long run workout. Due to a packed weekend, I ran this workout on Wednesday. It was 18 miles with 14 at marathon pace + 10-20 sec. While that paces isn't overly taxing, the duration makes it a pretty decent effort.

I averaged a 6:49 min/mile for the middle 14 miles and finished up with a 7:03 min/mile average pace for the run. The timing of this workout helped me get a feel for where my fitness is at over a longer duration as the long run continues to increase.

Currently I am running workouts like this in the New Balance Fuel Cell Prism Energy Streak. In the past I likely would have run an effort like this in Zoom Flys or even 4%, but I've found over the last year that these shoes are really hard on my medial shins. As a fatigue over-pronator I am finding it necessary to use a shoe that offers a bit of support.

The beginning of the week was just easy running as I was coming off of a Saturday long run of 18 miles, and I needed my mileage to set me up for the Wednesday long run.

Thursday was a rest day, followed by a few easy runs and a nice fartlek with 2 min. of 10km pace every 5 min. I love fartlek workouts structured this way. It's a low stress way to get in some faster running without being too taxing.

I finished up the week at 60 miles (my body is so happy with slightly lower mileage weeks).

Thanks for checking in this week!

Run until you fly,

Coach Lynsey

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