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Keeping Pace Training bLog June 13 - 19

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

This week I was coming off a down back week and introducing a bit more faster running!

62 miles for the week // 99km

Monday was 15 x 1 min @ 5k

m pace run by feel (anywhere from a 5:15 min/mile to a 5:50 min/mile pace), with 1 min. active recovery. I like this workout because it builds on the fartlek work that has been done over the last month or so. The work bouts are quick, and the recovery is short en

ough to build 30-mins of decently hard work, without being overly stressful. 5km pace provides neuromuscular support for specific endurance and works to set an early baseline of faster running.

Thursday was my first threshold run in a long time. A steady build of progression runs leading into this put me in a good place to run this smoothly and confidently. I ran the 15 min. segments around a 6:20 min/mile, which felt about right for the first threshold run of the training cycle.

Saturday I ran an almost 17 mile long run with the last 30 min "hard". I accidentally turned off my watch when I fuelled the first time and purposely restarted my watched to separate the last 30-min chunk. The last section felt really good and I managed a 6:34 average pace run off of perceived effort.

I lifted on Monday and Thursday (my hard running days), and I have to say I am feeling good about slightly shorter sessions in the gym as my running work increases.

I'm looking forward to taking on another week of training as I prepare for my October (now virtual) marathon. Having a goal in place feels right, right now.

Wishing you all a great week of running!

Run until you fly,


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