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Keeping Pace Training bLog June 29 - July 5

Hello and happy Monday to all my running friends!

It was another exciting week of base building over here. Read: hot and humid.

I like to approach the base training phase from the most general side of both endurance and speed. This means building up mileage and using short bouts of less structured fast running like hill sprints and fartleks and some progression runs to set the stage for LT work later on.

I'm a huge advocate for not being hasty during base training and building up to a level of mileage that will be consistently carried throughout the training cycle.

I wrapped up the week with 63.7 miles (101.9 km), which is a mileage sweet sport for me to transition from the base phase.


On Friday we took a stab at beating out family FKT on Hidden Valley trail. We had to hustle, but we did it! In the process we all ended up soaked (hence the underwear photo) from the waist down.


Next week is a planned down week for me. For more on what a down week is and why they are important check out my video!

Have a great week and Run until you fly,

Coach Lynsey Romano

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