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Keeping Pace Training bLog June 14 - 27

I have two whole weeks of training to recap due to a little pre-summer vacation out of cell service. Quite honestly, being out of cell range is one of the absolute best feelings in the world.

First, I am going to need to bombard you all with images of my super cute kids soaking up the sun at the lake.

Here is a rare moment of no fighting.

The water was a little cold, but I don't think they noticed.

First ice cream sandwich of the summer.

First fish!



As for training, I really enjoyed running along the endless dirt road as well as the change of scenery. The humidity was real though!

Despite throwing in hill sprints every few days, after a couple of days of no pavement running (and no lifting), I could feel the lack of muscle tension, but all-in-all it was a successful week of base training.

We returned home on the Tuesday (which I took as a complete rest day), which I followed up with easy running and lifting on Wednesday and Friday.

Friday I took a stab at a mile effort.

As you all know, for 8-weeks this spring I prioritized lifting and ran significantly less, nixing my long run as well as any intensity - just short, easy runs with a concerted effort on lifting for strength and power. ⠀⠀⠀


Recently, I have transitioned into lifting less and slowly started incorporating small doses of work (hill sprints, short effort based intervals and a few moderate progression runs) back into my running. With that said, I'm super pleased to have produced this time on lifting and base training alone. It speaks volumes about how critical a high quality lifting program is for runners.

I topped off my first 60 mile week in a long time, with a 14-mile easy long run with the last 3-miles moderate. It was a rainy one and I oddly had GI issues from miles 6-10. That's not typical for me, but the struggle was real.

  • moved the mile TT to the following week due to the dirt roads throwing off my muscle tension mojo.

I have been running all of my runs based off of effort (especially my moderate paces). One of my training goals this cycle is to get better at tuning into how I feel versus what my watch is telling me. I also really like looking at my splits after and seeing the paces my RPE produced.

Monday (today) is a complete rest day for me and I plan on doing a ton of meal prep and work. Getting caught up from vacation is the hardest part about coming home.

Wishing you all a wonderful week of running! And as always, feel free to leave you running and training questions in the comments!

Run until you fly,

Coach Lynsey

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