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Keeping Pace Training bLOG June 8

Happy Monday running friends!

I've made it 2-weeks into my blogging career, which may be a personal best.

Last week was the most exciting week in running I have had in a long while.

I am at the beginning of an introductory training phase. Nothing too fancy on the go for the next few weeks outside of hill strides, fartleks and moderate progression runs.


  • Throwing in hill strides after a few months of easy running was a real thrill. I love to run fast!

  • One "watchless" (but with a watch) progression run

  • I added 10 min. to my long run and ran for 100 min.

  • moving to 2 x lifting session a week next week

Here's the Run Down:

Monday: Lift

Tuesday: Easy Run 12 miles @ 8:02 min/mile // 19.5km @ 5:00 min/km *this was supposed to be a progression run, but we had some significant family stress and I opted to run easy

Wednesday: Lift + Easy Run 6 miles + hill strides and cool down @ 7:54min/mile // 11.2km @ 4:55 min/km

Thursday: Easy Run 8 mile progression run @ 7:11 min/mile // 13km @ 4:28 min/km

For the progression I ran by feel and flipped my watch face to the clock. First 4 miles easy, last 4 mod. @ 6:53, 7:05, 6:53, 6:47 min/mile.

Friday: Lift + 8.4 mile Easy Run @ 7:46 min/mile // 13.4km @ 4:50min/km

Saturday: Long Run 100 min (13.5 miles) @ 7:27 min/mile // 21.7 km @ 4:38 min/km

Sunday: Easy Run 6 miles + hill strides and cool down @ 7:40 // 9.91 km @ 4:46 min/km

Total: 54.3 miles // 86.9 km

I hope ya'll have a great week and have some fun on the run! Leave me your training questions in the comments and I'll do my best to answer them!

Run until you fly,

Coach Lynsey

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