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Keeping Pace Training bLog June 1

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Welcome to my training bLog!

Each week I will be posting my training and opening the comments to your questions.

One caveat I have had with sharing training on IG and FB is founded in questioning the usefulness of sharing because of the lack of practical application. I am going to strive to bridge that gap by sharing my week in training, but also providing a space for you to ask your training questions.


  • after an extended off season of focused strength training and a lower volume of nothin' but easy running - I did strides. Holy smokes, it felt so good to fly again.

  • I added 10 min. to my long run and ran for 90 min.

  • I wrapped up my strength program and moved on to a new block of strength training

  • I feel like a million bucks!

Going into this week I was hanging out around 45-50 miles a week. No specific long run, no speed. I immensely enjoyed having the extra time this year to take the time to address my limiters which, as I've touched on over on IG, were described by my coach as having a "Ferrari motor on a Honda Civic frame" (this was accurate).

For strength, I have finished a higher volume block of 3-days a week, and will moving on to 2-days a week of heavier lifts because I will be 'officially' starting the introductory period of a marathon training cycle. YAY!

Here's the Run Down:

Monday: Lift

Tuesday: Easy Run 9.5 min @ 7:58 min/mile // 15.3km @ 4:57 min/km

Wednesday: Lift + Easy Run 8.5 miles @ 7:55min/mile // 13.7km @ 4:55 min/km

Thursday: Easy Run 9 miles @ 7:45 min/mile // 14.6km @ 4:49 min/km

Friday: Lift + Easy Run + 3 x 100m strides 8 miles @ 7:51 min/mile // 12.9km @ 4:55 min/km

Saturday: Long Run 90 min @ 7:55 min/mile // 18.3 km @ 4:55 min/km

Sunday: Easy Run 8 miles @ 7:55 // 12.9 km @ 4:57 min/km

Total: 54.4 miles // 87 km

On my long run I didn't bring fluids, overdressed and didn't run until the middle of the day. Basically, I forgot everything I know to be true. I chugged a Pediolyte when I got (because you get what you get around this place) and remembered how much I harped on my runners this week about hydration. Time to get back in the fuelling and hydration groove.

I hope ya'll have a great week! Shoot me your training questions in the comments and I'll do my best to answer them!

Run until you fly,

Coach Lynsey

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