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Keeping Pace Training Blog July 27 - August 2

Happy belated Monday (Tuesday).

Summertime adventures tend to delay blog entries, and hey , I wouldn't want it any other way.

I wrapped up the hot and humid month of July with 266.7 miles // 426.7 km

In the context of previous marathon builds, I a not running 'big miles" these days.

As you know, despite my persistent (and somewhat stubborn efforts in 2019), anything over that 70 mile mark really doesn't jam. The 60ish mile/week // 100 km/week zone is a sweet spot for me, and that’s just not something I’m willing to mess with anymore.

Due partly to location (long and winding dirt roads) and feeling a bit fatigued earlier in the week, I shut it down on any added intensity this week and kept my miles slow and easy. I found my long run the previous week to be more taxing than I had anticipated, and I could feel the left over tiredness in my legs. I'm also in that wicked awesome high-hormone portion of my luteal phase and wasn't in the mood to mess around. I've notoriously pushed the envelope when I feel this way and it has never worked out well for me.

They say, if nothing changes, nothing changes. Turns out that is legit insight. I ran a fartlek this morning and I was feeling great again. I can't emphasize the discipline and skill required to listen to your body enough.

In the spirit of having a lot of coaching to do - I'm keeping this blog short quick.

Wishing you all a fabulous rest of your week.

Run until you fly,

Coach Lynsey

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