Run your best with the guidance and support of a professional coach

How fast should you be running your recovery runs? What about fartleks, 800’s, strides, hills, repeats, long runs…? What type of strength training is appropriate for you? Which workouts should you be doing to achieve your best result and how often? The internet is a wealth of both good and bad running information and it can be difficult to decipher which training runs will benefit you or if a cookie-cuter plan suits your needs. 

A majority of injuries come from training errors - too much, too soon or too fast. 1-on-1 run coaching takes the guess work out of your training and helps you to reach your peak performance with an eye on long term athletic development. If you are new runner looking to run your first race, or an experienced athlete looking to step-up your game, let’s talk! 

Below you will find a description of our run coaching and lifting programs.



$125.00 CAN/month 

$75 onboarding fee (applied to first month only) - includes a 60 min. start-up call

One-on-one coaching is for athletes of all levels that benefit from ongoing communication with their coach. Each week your coach will upload a comprehensive training schedule into TrainingPeaks that is designed around your life and your running.  Your schedule includes pre-run routines, clearly explained directions on each running workout and special directions from your coach. This plan includes: 

  • Schedule adjustments and ongoing communication with your coach via email and text + once a month video call.

  • An expertly designed, periodized training plan that is tailored to your needs

  • Access to the Skyline Run Coaching Athletes community on Facebook

  • Option to add on a comprehensive strength program for 20.00/month

  • Option to add on weekly track night for athletes in the YYC area (seasonal) ​for 25.00/month



$100.00 CAN/month 

$75 onboarding fee (applied to first month only) - includes a 60min. start-up call

We believe that each athlete is an individual and that in order to reach your potential you need to be coached in a way that address YOU as the unique athlete you are.

Our personal training plans are designed with your strengths, areas of opportunity and everyday life in mind.   This plan is for an experienced runner that is comfortable executing on a training plan but wishes to have their training analyzed and updated monthly. This plan works best for an athlete that is practiced in following a consistent schedule and does not require the ongoing daily/weekly communication of the one-on-one coaching plan.

  • Initial start-up call

  • Personalized training plan delivered via the TrainingPeaks app

  • Monthly training plan analysis and updates

  • Athletes Facebook group access

  • Option to add on comprehensive strength training plan for 20.00/month

  • Option to add on weekly track night for athletes in the YYC area (seasonal) for 25.00/month



75.00 CAN/Month

+ 50.00 CAN onboarding fee (applied to first month only) - includes a start-up call 

*strength programs can be added to existing SRC one-on-one or personalized training plans for 20.00CAN/Month 

Individualized strength training programs are periodized and designed to meet your individual needs as a runner. Strength workouts are Delivered through the easy to use BridgeTracker app. Plans include: 

  • Initial assessment and intake meeting 

  • Supported Athlete Experience: Unlimited in-app communication with your coach, plus video upload options

  • Athletes Facebook group access

  • Option to add on weekly track night for athletes in the YYC area (seasonal)


We are committed to levelling the playing field.

Creating equitable opportunities for everyone is important to us and for that reason are humbled to put it out there that we have athlete spots with flexible and affordable monthly fees for runners that otherwise would not be able to access professional run coaching. 

With an understanding that systemic barriers exist in our sport offering affordable options is a small first step in dismantling a system where financial resources dictate the availability of opportunity. 

If you’re interested in run coaching and find yourself limited by income barriers, please send me an email. If we're a good fit as a coach-athlete team, I will take steps to make it work for us.